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Connecting artists globally

TWB Network Directory



The TWB Network Directory allows TWB network members to connect directly with one another. It all starts with a conversation. Once you register your account, you can contact other TWB Network artists and they can contact you. You will receive an email message inviting you to respond; there’s no obligation, just an invitation to start a conversation. Learn about who is making theatre in different parts of the world; engage; visit; collaborate. TWB is pleased to offer you this mechanism to connect; TWB is not responsible for artist-to-artist connections.



Theatre Without Borders (TWB) is a global, all-volunteer, grass-roots, virtual community that shares information and builds connections between individuals and institutions interested in international theatre and performance exchange.

The TWB Network Directory was created by Damir Cobo, Lazar Vujanic and Toni Rodic. It is be moderated Damir Cobo. If you have any questions, contact


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